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About Us Featured

  • Activities
  • SLK-Gerrus LLC was born stablishing cooperation between Germany and Russia.
  • Agreements in the trading and banking business with GLG (Spain) and in Real State and consultancy with Jano Operaciones (Spain), to strength and secure the company and operations gives SLK-Gerrus LLC the ability to operate and secure operations for our clients all over the world.
  • The company is managed by experts in different commodities with extensive experience in banking and contracts.


  • SLK-GERRUS LLC. is operated and owned by Mr.Heinrich Kramer and Ruben Sardaryan.
  • SLK-GERRUS LLC. is an fast growing company in the Russia bringing you the best opportunity in the Energy and Bank business.
  • SLK-GERRUS LLC. is widely engaged in the energy business and industry. From crude oil to jet fuels and. will surely give you the best deal.
  • SLK-GERRUS LLC. can provide you the energy product that you need.
  • SLK-GERRUS LLC. is affiliated with the most important refineries  in russia and usa are few to be mention.


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