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Futur Projects Featured

Futur Projects


  • Industrial park Voronezh Russia

  • SLK GERRUS LLC is owner  a 164-acre plot of land for the creation of an industrial area, just 1.9 km long with 3 exits own directly adjacent to the M-4 motorway, the property is land and all permits are in place.

  • Advantages of the plot:

  •          3- Paved driveways of motorway directly to land,
  •          2- turning capabilities of both sides of highway,
  •          Clarified gas (written by government)
  •          Electricity explained (in writing by Government)
  •          Clarified Telecommunications
  •           Own water supply

  • SLK GERRUS LLC own  in Central  Russia 5 good stable, risk and competition free projects.
  • SLK GERRUS LLC is looking for Investors for our projects in Russia  with can guaranteed the return of the investment between  1 to 3 years.
  • Shopping center

  • We are planning to build a shopping center in a city with approx. 150-170000 habitants, SLK GERRUS LLC has an agreement with the mayor that SLK GERRUS LLC has  the right of First refusal to  buy the Plot in the center of the city, we shall on that land to build a shopping center with about 20 to 25,000 sqm retail sales areas. In this city and the surrounding area there are so far no shopping mall, so we have a monopoly there. The monthly rental income be at least 20 euros (30 euros more) per square meter of retail space, the construction costs are at a rough estimate at about 500 euros per square meter of retail space. There are now contacts to chain stores (tenant) who want to rent from us, so that after completion of the construction project rental income of at least 4.8 million euros annually are possible in about one year. This means that the investment pays of rd.10-12 million euros in2-3 years.


  • Tire recycling Factory    patent holder  SLK GERRUS LLC

  • We have a completely planned project for the recycling of car tires of all types. This company is to be built in our industrial area. The project with the entire infrastructure required by the Russian government (very cheap loan with 80% of the total capital requirement), the total capital requirement is € 25 million, so it is a capital of approx. 5 million euros Requires. The government has enacted a law that car tires are recycled muessen.Die SLK Gerrus is annually 70,000 tons of waste tires recycling of all types. There are currently across the region and around Voronezh no competing firms. There are already many big companies, the large amounts of recycled materials want to lose weight (powdered rubber and rubber granulate). The recycling costs are approx. 4-5,000 rubles per ton, the retail price for the rubber granules is about 12-15,000 rubles per ton.


  • Noodle production in Russia
  • SLK GERRUS LLC intend to build your own pasta production in Russia, SLK has a 170 ha large industrial area near Voronezh directly located on the new motorway M-4, on which the facility is to be built. We have very good contacts with very large retail chains, where the noodles are sold;
  • SLK have already established contacts with European noodle manufacturers.

  • Tomato and cucumber cultivation
  • SLK GERRUS LLC plan in Voronezh to build on 10 acres of greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers. For the cultivation of vegetables there after finishing a subsidy from the state of 70%
  • There may be many other industrial firms are located on our industrial area.


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