Futur Projects

Futur Projects


  • Industrial park Voronezh Russia

  • SLK GERRUS LLC is owner  a 164-acre plot of land for the creation of an industrial area, just 1.9 km long with 3 exits own directly adjacent to the M-4 motorway, the property is land and all permits are in place.

  • Advantages of the plot:

  •          3- Paved driveways of motorway directly to land,
  •          2- turning capabilities of both sides of highway,
  •          Clarified gas (written by government)
  •          Electricity explained (in writing by Government)
  •          Clarified Telecommunications
  •           Own water supply

  • SLK GERRUS LLC own  in Central  Russia 5 good stable, risk and competition free projects.
  • SLK GERRUS LLC is looking for Investors for our projects in Russia  with can guaranteed the return of the investment between  1 to 3 years.



  • We see our company as one of the best companies to meet the needs for our clients regarding commodities.
  • With the commodities in mind, we seek for our clients secure transactions and assets maintenance.


  • Our mission is to help our clients with a reliable, easy and quick service to provide them with the commodity goods, and the seccurity they need.



Risk Management

  • Risk mitigation plays an important role in any commodity and money transaction we operate.  We manage different tools including the futures market, over the counter (otc) swaps and a range of other derivatives.    
  • We help our clients to mitigate commercial and banking risk by     using the most convenient instruments and banks.
  • We have partnership with security company to protect persons, to transport goods, accompany commodities and other services.



Our Values


  • We have the compromise to our clients to give the best service to establish long term cooperation with them.


  • We incorporate to our commodities expertise, the knowledge about banking and distribution over the world to the service of our clients to help them meeting their best interests.


  • Security for our clients, with a good understanding of the commodity market and bank systems, contracts, information and performance in all the operations.



About Us

  • Activities
  • SLK-Gerrus LLC was born stablishing cooperation between Germany and Russia.
  • Agreements in the trading and banking business with GLG (Spain) and in Real State and consultancy with Jano Operaciones (Spain), to strength and secure the company and operations gives SLK-Gerrus LLC the ability to operate and secure operations for our clients all over the world.
  • The company is managed by experts in different commodities with extensive experience in banking and contracts.


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